Nobody likes to have their MORALITY challenged.

(Chances are, this website is not going to challenge your morality. Read on.)

Put most simply, the climate crisis is a crisis of the vast majority of humanity fighting for its SURVIVAL against the PRIVILEGE of a small number of people who have great wealth and power.

Understood this way, the CLIMATE CRISIS is a crisis of MORALITY.


The world’s oil, gas, and coal deposits represent billions of years of compressed solar energy which, having been exploited by these few people, has expanded to such immense monetary value as to be nearly unimaginable.

It’s not FAIR — in fact, it’s IMMORAL — that the PRIVILEGE and SELFISHNESS of the rich, antisocial, and monumentally irresponsible few, who have taken such a greedy share of this value for themselves, should imperil the very SURVIVAL of the vast majority of humanity. But there we have it.

The question is, what can be done about this?

What can YOU do about this?

Read on.

There are many proposed solutions: greener consumer habits, improved technology (electric vehicles, better batteries, more efficient solar and wind power, carbon capture and storage), more enlightened legislation, divestment from carbon conglomerates, and lawsuits for infrastructure and environmental remediation.

What YOU can do, then, is support these initiatives.

But while each is very important, none of them, even taken all together, will be enough to address the 11 more years that the UN IPCC gave us to cut carbon emissions by 45% in order to stay within 1.5º C of warming. We’re already doing all of these things and we’re nowhere near on track. In fact, we’re getting further and further off track. Something else is necessary, something with a new approach.

The Grandchildren’s Fund for a Fossil Fuel Free Future has just such a new approach.

It was founded in 2018 for the unique purpose of bringing numerous lawsuits against not just the oil, gas, and coal conglomerates, but all of the fossil fuel profiteers, including the owners and enablers of the conglomerates (the hedge funds, insurance companies, banks, investment houses, pension funds, university endowments, trade associations, denialist think tanks, bought-off congressional witnesses, etc.), essentially any large scale entity that continues to make a profit from carbon pollution.

These multiple lawsuits will also be unique in that they will be for damages to the health and welfare of people, not to fix threatened harbors and sea walls, sewer systems, flood zones, etc.

So, if you have a MORAL objection to the unfairness of the climate crisis, please support the new approach of the Grandchildren’s Fund for a Fossil Fuel Free Future (G5F, for short).

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