Here is the Grandchildren’s Fund for a Fossil Fuel Free Future in a nutshell.

The G5F (for short) is forming as a nonprofit membership organization to sue the fossil fuel profiteers for monetary damages to the health and welfare of today’s and tomorrow’s youth, all around the world (but beginning in US courts).

The fossil fuel profiteers who will be brought to court are the tier #1 oil and gas drilling and refining conglomerates, the coal mining and processing conglomerates, and the carbon-based electrical production utilities, as well as their tier #2 institutional investors (hedge funds, brokerage firms, banks, pension funds, university endowments, etc.), their trade associations, their allied foundations and think tanks, their paid-for congressional hearings expert witnesses, and their bought-and-paid-for state and federal politicians.

The G5F will also develop a data base of scientific and legal information to be made available to assist other parties (individuals, organizations, and municipalities) to bring similar lawsuits in the US and around the world.

The premise of this basic tort law approach is that those who have profited monetarily by knowingly causing a problem — global warming — should be held financially accountable to those whom they have harmed and they should be compelled to fix the problems, most notably by switching to renewable energy development.

Accordingly, these lawsuits have a three part purpose: (1) to seek substantial monetary damage settlements for the benefit of the health and welfare of today’s and tomorrow’s youth, (2) to scare away the tier #2 enablers from their tier #1 investments and supportive activities, and (3) to dry up the fossil fuel conglomerates’ marketplace liquidity and thereby motivate them to switch to renewable energy development.

It is much faster to go to court than it is to bring about legislative change, so the assumption here is that this both the fastest and most effective way to force the fossil fuel conglomerates to switch to renewable energy development.

To fund the significant research and legal expenses to bring these lawsuits to court, the G5F is organizing the Youth Aid and Climate Aid Global Concert Series, an ongoing program of fund raising and consciousness raising concerts in cities and venues all around the world, year in, year out, year after year, until the court cases have accomplished their purpose, namely that global warming is no longer an existential threat.

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